The first HUMAN General Assembly, GA, recently took place at the AIRBUS premises in Seville, Spain. AIRBUS hosted a two-day meeting where the 12 partners that are part of the project consortium, were present.

In the GA that ended on March 29th, all project work packages were discussed in detail, especially, the one related to the project requirements that involves the three uses cases which are to validate the technical solutions of the project. These are the host, AIRBUS, the Spanish bathroom furniture manufacturer, ROYO Group, and the Italian automation manufacturing company, COMAU.

During the session, there were several discussions on the project technical architecture that has to be carried out, and the possible solutions that will have to satisfy the requirements of the three industrial partners.

Work session of developers with AIDIMME and ROYO Group.
Work session of developers with AIDIMME and ROYO Group.

The assembly ended with very good expectations, and with lots of work to be done. It is expected the technical partners to start visiting the different industrial partners location in order to start testing the first prototypes to get the end user’s feedback. For instance, in mid-April representatives from the Scuola Superiore Santa Anna, in Pisa, will arrive at ROYO Group headquarters, in Valencia, to start testing the first prototypes of the exoskeletons that are developing, to offer workers important ergonomical benefits when manipulating heavy loads.


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