HuMan’s first project review meeting was held at The University of Santa Anna, located in the Tuscan city of Pontedera, Italy. The event lasted two days from the 10th to the 11th of May. The day before the start of the meeting, all project partners met to carry out the always necessary rehearsal meeting in order to prepare and tune in the final presentations.

In addition to the presentations of all project work packages, the meeting also presented a full comprehensive demonstration of all HuMan technologies, called services, which included the KIT service using Augmented Reality, the Workplace Optimization service, or WOS, using Virtual Reality and the Exoskeleton services. In addition to these three main services, the Shopfloor Insight Intelligence (SII) which supports decision making by interactive process mining, and the Knowledge Network service (KNS) which captures tacit knowledge within the organization, were introduced. HuMan’s own three use cases, Spanish bathroom furniture manufacturer, Royo, aerospace giant, Airbus, and Italian robotic manufacturer, COMAU, were there as well along with the reviewer to evaluate the technological solutions that will be fully tested at their industrial facilities.

Royo presentation during Review Meeting in Pontedera
Royo’s R&D Director César Taboas during the review meeting presentation

It is important to notice that one of the main objectives of HuMan is to provide of better working conditions and well-being for the workers at shop floor, motivate the interaction human/machine thanks to the automation provided by the HuMan technologies, and achieve optimal performances.

The review meeting ended with an impressed reviewer. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our project partners for the big effort made within the project. We, HuManers have a good reason to be happy today. We still have half of the project left, and are looking forward to the great achievements and developments we will accomplish ahead.