The purpose of HuMan project is to create a healthy workplace to supports the workers’ capabilities so to increase the competitiveness of the manufacturing firms through the creation of an optimal environment for human automation integration and cooperation.

In the vision of the project, the innovative component key lies in the use of new hardware and relevant software to give support to the expected functionalities. The list below includes the key equipment involved in the scenario:

  • Support the worker at the production line giving specific instructions on how to perform specific activities. This will be done by using Augmented Reality technologies indicating in a visual manner the steps required to complete the tasks to be done in a given point of the production chain. By using this technology, the worker is able to learn or remind the tasks involved improving the training and the productivity at the shop floor.
  • Increases the wellbeing of the worker through use of a exoskeleton, to help the worker doing specific efforts and preventing and avoiding possible injuries, what also has a positive effect in the productivity.
  • The virtual modelling of the factory aims to monitor the production performance at the shop floor according to values retrieved from a virtual representation of the plant based on the real production environment. This system aims to detect incidences and correct them while measuring the overall performance of the production plant, detecting weak points and providing a key tool to support the decision making when adjusting specific production parameters at the shop floor.