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    Aerospace – AIRBUS

    Airbus Defence & Space is part of Airbus Group. At Seville, the complete production and final assembly line of the light and medium CN235s and C295s, as well as for the A400M, the airlifter for the 21st century, takes place. They lead the use case of the aerospace sector where HUMAN is intended to satisfy an agile operator’s adaptation to different tasks demanded by a highly complex technological product, while monitoring operator’s physiological stress.”


  • Royo Group

    Furniture – ROYO GROUP

    Royo is a multinational company specialized in the creation of bathroom furniture. In HuMan, they lead the use case of furniture, automating and facilitating Human – Machine interaction to increase production, and at the same time, improving the workers quality of life



    Automation manufacturing – COMAU

    Comau is a global company specialized in robotics and industrial automation systems and solutions. Its use case focuses on the well-being of workers, as well as simplifying and personalizing the access and worker contribution to instructions and details on the tasks to be performed.